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Why is Company Culture so Important for Growth?

When a company is going from a start-up to a scale-up phase or is in the scale-up phase there is always a concern for the maintenance of company culture. When a company is rapidly growing and expanding their teams, this often can mean that the new team members were added for their skill and their company culture compatibility has taken a back seat. This can have lasting repercussions that include team dynamic dysfunction, higher employee turnover, and overall, less productivity in meeting KPIs.

The company culture is built off the original values of the company in combination with the culture that the original core members developed. When those core values are assessed and adapted with consensus and grow with the company and its employees, the company culture is sustained and allows for growth. When people are added to the company who don’t fit the company’s culture, for instance, if the company has a core value of open and direct feedback, and a new team member does not align with this value, it can cause miscommunication, misinterpretation of communication and ultimately dysfunction within their team.

The company culture sets the tone for how everyone interacts, works together, problem solves together and how others see the company. When the company has a consistent culture and functions in a coherent way, clients, customers, and other companies can see this and it drives the overall growth of the company.

Therefore, when scaling up, it is so important for team members to be added not just for their technical skills and abilities, but also because their values and work ethic aligns with the company’s specific culture. This improves employee retention, productivity, and overall success of a company.

Are you planning to expand your company this quarter? Let’s talk about how we can best add to your team to bring you the talent that not only adds to your company but helps it grow comfortably and sustainably.

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