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What Your Body Language in the Office Says About You

Communicating is not all about what we actually say; our bodies talk! The way you present your body when you are talking can send lots of messages that the other person can pick up on without them even noticing. How your body is positioned even can change the energy and demeanour of a conversation. The best way to talk to someone is by having an open posture, not crossing your arms or legs across your body and making sure that you turn your head fully to engage the person who is talking to you in a group setting. Small actions such as nodding or tilting your head more regularly show that you are engaged and listening and allow a person to feel more heard and engaged. When you fidget with your hands it can signal to others that you are bored or anxious and therefore not as engaged in what they have to say. If you find yourself always needing to fidget when others are talking, try pressing your palms into your thighs when you are standing to release some of that pent up tension and energy. If that seems too awkward for you, then gently clasping your hands in front of you while maintaining an open upper body posture is also another way. These small tricks can make a conversation more engaging and help others feel more open and responsive around you.

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