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About Us

Our company is a combination of two fields that go hand in hand, recruitment and corporate psychology.  Our team is a representation of this combination and we work hard to understand each other's perspectives, experiences and are always eager to learn more about how we can integrate corporate psychology and recruitment together.  

We started as two separate approaches and fields and came together when we found that there was a mutually beneficial service to be provided to the corporate world.  

We approach every new project with a collaborative and open mind with the goal of providing a unique experience for every client that meets their needs and helps them achieve their goals. 

Marble Surface



Oliver Horne

Founder and International Recruitment Consultant

About Oliver Horne:

Oliver is a British man living in & working in The Netherlands as a technical recruiter since 2013 who has a passion for engineering and technology and has gained broad industrial experience across Europe, the USA and Middle East.


Over his career he has focused on helping managers attract and secure in demand skills and enable the quick and compliant processing of vital staff to ramp up for projects through temp and consultant solutions.

He has worked across may technical disciplines and markets where he has focused to become a trusted adviser in securing technical skills for engineering software & industrial digital transformation, fluid handling, oil & gas and food, feed, pharma and aquaculture systems.

Helping manager achieve their business goals and individuals secure their desired career steps over the long term is what give me pleasure in my work.


Mattaya Parker

Corporate Psychologist

International Recruiter

About Mattaya Parker:


Mattaya is a Canadian woman living abroad in the Netherlands since 2018.  She did her undergraduate degree in psychology and anthropology at the University of British Columbia.  She has been working in the counselling field since 2015 when she started working on a crisis line and graduated with a Master's in Counselling Psychology with the intent of helping people who want to make change in their lives.  

Important things to know about her are that she strives to always be open-minded.  She aims to create a safe space for everyone from all backgrounds and orientations without prejudice. She is constantly educating herself and pushing herself to learn more about people, the world and counselling styles.  

She has centered her focus on stress management and burnout prevention because she believes that everyone’s lives can be made significantly more fulfilling and enjoyable when they learn to manage and avoid stress effectively.  She has been working in this field in particular with Expats who have the additional stresses of adapting to a new culture which provides even more need for focused stress management. 




Myers Briggs Assessment Certified

M.A. Psychology with an Emphasis in Counselling, Webster University, The Netherlands 

B.A. Psychology and Anthropology, University of British Columbia, Canada

Registered with the Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen (NIP)

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