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Find. Assess. Secure. Swiftly.

Swift Dynamics

Corporate Psychology

Help your employees adapt, connect and work more coherently with less stress and more productivity.

Recruitment Services

Helping managers increase revenue and overcome technical issues by attracting, assessing & securing the skills needed for growth.


See an overview of our current career opportunities. 


Welcome to Swift Dynamics where we help companies attract, assess, secure and increase the retention & productivity of the skills needed to deliver growth. We look to bring real value through an integrated staffing solution which addresses the challenges of modern workplaces and talent markets.  


To support in the delivery of the business objectives of today's managers we bring a proven, repeatable process which gives high customer service on niche and technically challenging hiring requirements and psychometric services to help ensure the best possible people are selected to join the team.


To reduce attrition and increase productivity our burnout programs help managers navigate local labor laws and internal policies towards implementing robust HR structures for the prevention and best practice support of staff when they come under extreme pressure.


In the case of a burn out we provide hands on guidance on the correct approach to be taken and what, if any, measures can be taken to remove contributing factors from the situation and in planning a pathway to return to work. This includes one-to-one coaching/counselling for your employees to better help them build the skills needed to deal with high stress situations, increases their productivity and reduces presure in the work environment.

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